Recommended Podcast Episodes

Hey! You are either here through clicking around on my website or I shared this page somewhere. Either way, hello ?? ? ! These are some podcast episodes I relistened to at least 1-2 times, thus recommending it to others.


  • Personal Finance
  • Business / Entreprenuership
  • Technology

Personal Finance:

This is my “north star” to my mental model on how I approach my personal finances and recommend it to all who do not know where to get started.

Business / Entreprenuership:

How a teacher with no tech background was able to earn millions getting into tech
A story of a straight entrepreneur and hustler and how he broke into a market that many struggled to capture.
Creating a content management system that tackles current website builders is something that fascinated me for a while. This was a great story about how someone executed on this fearlessly.
How one person is able to run a million-dollar SaaS business where he plans to keep its operations by just himself. You don’t need to raise huge amounts of money if you are happy where you are at.


As somebody who works in tech, it is sometimes difficult to explain how security and privacy of social media apps actually work. This is a fun and thrilling way of tackling this head on.