2021 Goals

JuanCarlos Chavez
JuanCarlos Chavez
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This is the year that I’ve decided to be more open than ever especially in the digital space. One way of doing this is by sharing the goals I am attempting to accomplish this year.

It was tough trying to balance setting achievable goals and ambitious goals. I, as the pragmatic type, try to lean more toward the achievable side but felt this list was a good balance between the two.

Without further ado, my goals for 2021!

? 2 Youtube Videos a Month

I finally build up the courage to launch my first YouTube video a couple of weeks ago. I figure the first 100 videos won’t be up to par with my “final” vision (whatever the hell that is.)

The videos will mostly be targeted towards tech, design, entrepreneurship, personal development, and personal finance.

? Buy House and Rent

Real estate is an investment class that I just started getting my feet wet with last year and something I am looking to dive deeper into this year!

??‍? 1000 Subscribers

If I can get 1000 subscribers by the end of the year to my YouTube channel that would be super dope.

I am hoping to get just as many subscribers to my newsletter.

? Publish an Online Course

I’ve been asked by friends and family about coding as a career path and usually say the same thing: “Yeah, we should set something up and I can walk you through it.”

I haven’t fully fleshed out the best way to approach this and I think if I structure a course around “learning to code.” and give them a free source for them to get started!

? Write a Monthly Newsletter

Improving my writing is a huge learning curve for me. Especially in an engaging way. Having a monthly newsletter will be a way for me to share the content I am creating and have practice crafting a story.

? Start a SaaS

I am keeping this on the down-low, but I am hoping to make an announcement in the fall of 2021 about a beta release of this!

?? Drop 50lbs

This goal is not so much dropping the weight, it’s about normalizing my body to an active and healthy lifestyle.

But part of this journey is getting to a weight I feel comfortable at, so a journey of dropping 50lb is in the works!

? Create a FREE e-book

Similar to creating a course, but I want to explore a different creative avenue for education.

Thanks for reading ya’ll! I’ll come back and check on this in a year’s time. ✌?

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